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1-Click Mode

Learn how to use 1-Click mode to write an article fast based on the top-ranking search results with a single click. This feature is best for writing generic topics and typically generates 1500++ words.

Advanced Mode

Advanced mode lets you control the outline based on the top-ranking search results and generate longer high-quality articles that are ready to rank #1 on Google. This feature enables you to write 3000++ words and is best used with Smart Outline Builder.  

Optimize Mode

Optimize Mode helps you write articles that are great for SEO. You can do this in just a few clicks without needing other SEO tools.

Product Rounup

Product Roundup lets you write an in-depth roundup review of any products including non-Amazon within a few clicks. 

Single Product Review Using Custom Data Source

Our custom data source feature lets you write a single product review based on multiple competitors’ web pages within a few clicks.  


Bulk Mode

Want to write articles in bulk? Our bulk mode lets you write up to 50 articles in one click. All articles will go through the same writing and optimization process as 1-click mode or Advanced Mode.

Website Page

Write content for business website pages with ease. This feature writes personalized content (service or product page) according to your business background. Use it for your company website.

Anti-AI Detection Feature

You are probably concerned about the latest update of Originality.AI, which claims can detect 99.5% AI-generated content accurately. Find out more here.

AI Images

Learn more about AI generated images here.


Learn more about common FAQs and mistake to avoid.

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