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How to Write Product Roundup Review using AI

Product Roundup Review

Our product roundup review allows you to write in-depth roundup reviews from any product including digital products and non-amazon products within a few clicks.

Watch this video on how to write an in-depth product roundup article

Sample Roundup Review Articles


  1. Can I write products from something other than Yes. Our system able to write all products including digital products and non-amazon products. Check out the video above for the step-by-step guide.
  1. What languages are supported? We currently only support English. We may add more supported languages later.
  2. Why is the cost higher compared to the Advanced Mode article? The cost is higher because writing a roundup review article incurs more API providers. The number of API requests is also significantly higher than in the advanced mode. For example, writing a 10 best product round article will trigger over 150 API requests.
  3. How do you ensure you get the best quality roundup article?
  • Check the “2 copies” in the review settings; it will generate 2 sets of comparison table, product descriptions, highlights and pros & cons. You can then choose the one that suits your taste.
  • If you are writing 10 best products, increase the number of products to 12 or 13. Doing this lets you get more product reviews and choose the best 10 products to publish.
  • When choosing the products to review, always enter the exact amazon product page URL instead of using Auto mode. This can ensure that the system will write based on the selected product.
  • If you choose to use Auto mode, make sure you have a specific product name. For example, “Transcend Ultimate 64GB” can be an SD card, pen drive or SSD. So, it would be best if you were specific as “Transcend Ultimate 64GB SD Card”.
  1. Can I write digital products? Yes. We can write digital products as long as the reference source URL is accessible.
  2. Can I write a roundup review for services and companies? Not yet. We only support writing product roundup review.
  3. Why the links in the quick recommendation section doesn’t work? Due to the browser behaviour, if you copy and paste the content from Agility Writer to your website, it will copy the source url, as well. Simple remove the URL as below: From: <a href=”″><u>Toshiba Exceria Pro 64GB SDXC</u></a> to <a href=”#product9″><u>Toshiba Exceria Pro 64GB SDXC</u></a>
  4. What happens if I get a very low-quality or incomplete roundup review article? Firstly, follow FAQ to ensure you set the product correctly. Most cases are caused by the product name being too generic and using Auto mode. Please contact us at [email protected]; we will review and do the refund if it is bad quality from the system. But this doesn’t cover the minor formatting or extra unnecessary text.