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30% Commission!

Agility Writer Affiliate Program

We're offering a remarkable 30-day cookie window and an unlimited commission share as long as your referred customers stay with us - it's our way of thanking you for helping to build the growth of our business.

How much is the affiliate commission?

We offer a generous 30% cut of all gross revenues as long as the customer remains with us. We are committed to ensuring our affiliates receive their fair share of the profits.

How long do we track?

With a generous 30-day cookie window, you remain the lead even if your visitor peruses other affiliate sites. You'll keep that valuable lead for up to thirty days!

When do you get paid?

After one of your leads converts to a paying customer, we wait for 30 days before issuing commission payments. At the end of this period, you'll receive payouts via your preferred banking method, such as PayPal. 

What is the minimum withdrawal threshold?

The minimum withdrawal threshold is $50. We pay the commission early each month (The first week of each month).

How much can you earn?

For example, if you sell a 'Pro' monthly plan ($98/mo), with each subscription period (as long as the consumer sticks to Agility Writer's Pro plan), you will earn $29.40 - that adds up to $352.80 (12 x 29.40) in commissions per year!

Do you allow the use of PPC advertising to promote Agility Writer?

We allow PPC/Search Campaigns with Protected SEM Bidding Keywords with the guidelines below.

PPC/Search Campaigns Guidelines

  • Search promotions are NOT allowed.
  • For publishers who engage in search with other Advertisers, please add “Agility Writer", or “Agility Writer” as a negative match term on your keyword campaign in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines. Publishers may not bid on trademark terms, variations, or misspellings thereof. The following includes some, but not all possible combinations of protected keywords.
  • Affiliates may not use the word "direct" as pertaining to Agility Writer anywhere in the display URL.
  • Use of language such as "official site," "official website," or any ad copy that may appear to represent Agility Writer is not permitted. Branded keywords plus generic terms such as coupons or promotional codes are also prohibited.
  • Direct Linking to the Agility Writer website (affiliate link) is allowed with the terms described above.