Write Long-Form Articles that “Ready to Rank #1 on Google” in a Few Minutes

Our AI tool writes excellent articles based on the combination of top competitor’s outlines with factual data within a few clicks.

Create SEO-Optimized Article Fast - No SEO Optimization Tools Needed

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Create Topical Authority Articles in Minutes

Automate Bulk Content Generation with Internal Linking

How to Write a 5000 words Compelling Product Roundup Review with a Few Clicks

Write 3500 words SEO Optimized Article that scores 80 in 7 minutes!

Smart Outline Builder

Create Ready-to-Rank Article Outlines that Google Like

Choose your headings from multiple top-ranking competitors' websites, and let us generate the perfect article outlines for you.

Create Perfect Outline headings with Outline Builder

High lexibility

Set Your Article Outlines and We Write It For You!

We help you create the first outline based on the top-ranking search result

or get the perfect outlines from Smart Outline Builder.

Our Advanced Mode write your perfect article up to 4000++ words within a few minutes according to your outline.

Want Something Simple and Fast?

1-Click Article Writing

Our 1-Click mode is able to write 2000++ words of a high-quality article based on the top-ranking search results within a few minutes. Save you hours of work!

Bulk Mode

Bulk Generate 50 Articles with Ease

Want to write articles in bulk? Our bulk mode lets you write up to 50 articles in one click.

All articles will go through the same writing and optimization process as 1-click mode.

Get Unlimited article Ideas

Enter a seed keyword and get 400 article titles

The Article Ideas will brainstorm 20 highly-related words (NLP entities).

From there, we create 20 article titles related to each entity. You got 400 article ideas in 2 clicks.

What Makes Us Different

Our Unique Features

We do not have 70+ or 80+ writing templates to help create various short content pieces. But we have one of the best AI tools to help you write long-form content in one click within a few minutes. These articles are unique, well-written, match the search intent, highly related to each heading and pass AI tool detectors.

One-Click Mode

Need to write fast for a generic topic? Try our One-Click mode to generate an article with a minimum of 1000 words, typically around 1500++ words.

Advanced Mode

Want to control the article outline and generate longer high-quality articles? Check out our advanced mode, which often writes more than 3000 words.

Optimize Mode

Write excellent SEO-optimized articles with the right headings, rich format (list & table), keywords and word counts.

Product Roundup Review

Write content for business website pages with ease using background information

Bulk Mode

Lets you write up to 50 articles in one click. All articles will go through the same writing and optimization process as 1-click mode.

Website Page

Lets you write an in-depth roundup review of any products available on Amazon.com within a few clicks.

Smart Outline Builder

Choose your headings from multiple top-ranking competitors, and let us generate the perfect article outlines for you.

In-Depth Factual Data

We crawl the top-ranking result and extract the facts according to each outline. The facts will guide the AI model to write helpful content with factual data.

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Why Choose Us

We Are the Specialist in Writing Long-Form Articles.

Not the Everything AI Writing Tools!

Agility Writer can help you write long-form articles in one click. We specialize in creating well-written, ready-to-rank relevant articles that pass AI tool detectors. With our unique, customizable and easy-to-use writing tool, you can produce high-quality content quickly that will impress your readers. Stop struggling with article writing and use our powerful AI writing tool!

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How many words will be generated for each article?

The One-Click Mode usually generates around 2,000 words depending on the article topic. The Advanced mode allows you to generate up to 4,000++ words with the proper outlines.

How are Agility Writer's features compared to other AI writing tools?

Most other AI writing tools require a lot of guidance, manual generation and review to create a 2000 or 3000 words article. And you may spend 6000 words of credits to generate a final 2000 words article. On the other hand, Agility Writer can generate a similar article with one button click within a few minutes – without manual intervention and requiring additional credits.

How are Agility Writer's features compared to other one-click/long-form writing tools?

We can guide you to generate ready-to-rank article outlines based on the top-ranking websites that google like. And not the typical AI generation outline, which might not match the search intent. Our advanced mode will help to write better-quality contents & paragraphs that connect as a complete article. Most other tools "make up" the outlines, create parts of the content, and combine it into a full article which requires a lot of editing.

Can I publish the articles right away after the generation?

Technically, you can do that, as the quality is way better than an entry-level writer. However, we strongly recommend to do fact-checking and use grammar-checking tools to fine-tune it further.

Can I keep the unused article credits and roll them over to next month?

Yes. Unused article credits will roll over to next month. However, you must have an active subscription in order to keep and use the credits.

What are the payment methods supported by Agility Writer?

We support credit cards and PayPal as payment methods via Paddle.com. It will show as "ADE MKT" in your billing statement.

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