Anti-AI Detection Feature to Pass Originality.AI Detector (Beta – English Only)

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You are probably concerned about the latest update of Originality.AI, which claims can detect 99.5% AI-generated content accurately. Firstly, this is not necessarily to get your content past the AI content detection tool to rank well in Google (more on this later). But if you wish to write content that passes the detection (especially on Originality.AI), please follow the guide below to get the best human score.

Quality Expectation

Before you start to use the Anti-AI detection feature, it’s good to set the right expectations on the quality of the content compared to existing quality.

  • You can still generate decent quality articles, but honestly, there are not as good as the existing generation method (using “Default” Mode in AI Detection).
  • Occasionally, you may see weird text generated at the end especially writing long content for a specific outline.
  • You will need more editing to clean up the content.
  • The Human score might vary depending on the niche, topic and outline. But you can expect to see scores between 50+ to 90+.
  • The average human score tested over 30 articles from various niches and settings is 72. (More on the test result in the next section)
  • You may get longer and more informative content for each outline

Anti-AI Detection Testing (English Only)

Test Case Settings

  • Test 1: 10 Articles, Article Structure: Standard Text, In-depth Factual Data
  • Test 2: 10 Articles, Article Structure: Advanced, In-depth Factual Data
  • Test 3: 10 Articles, Article Structure: Advanced, Standard Factual Data
  • Each test case runs on 10 topics with the same outlines (English only) from different niches in Advanced Mode.

Test Result

  • The average human score is 72 across 30 test articles.
  • Human scores range from 33 to 96 – Occasionally, you may get a low score of < 50.
  • The median Human score is 75 – The median value is slightly higher than average. This means you will mostly get a result better than 72.
  • Different niches and settings may impact the human score.

How to Use Anti-AI Detection Feature?

There are 2 options available in the AI Dedection field:

  • Standard (Recommended – Free) – Standard optimization, pass most AI detectors except the Originality detection tool.
  • Advanced – Boost average human score at 50% to 90%++ (in Originality AI detection). – Require extra 1-3 credits

Best Settings to Get a Higher Human Score

  • Use Article Structure = Standard (Text)
  • Select In-depth Factual Data
  • Use “Add to writing queue” button, as it will be a longer writing process.

Why Is There An Extra Cost?

We understand that some API settings might help to reduce the AI score. But that doesn’t work well for us writing long-form content (usually 2-3k words). Instead, we are using an additional process involving more API requests and incurring a higher cost. The extra cost is just used to cover the API cost.

How Much Does It Cost?

Anti-AI Detection is only available in Advanced Mode.

  • For articles with <= 16 outlines: Extra 1 credit, Total 3 credits/article
  • For articles with 17 to 32 outlines: Extra 2 credits, Total 4 credits/article
  • For articles with 33 outlines onwards: Extra 3 credits, Total 5 credits/article

Can I Still Create Articles Without The Anti AI Detection Features?

Yes, Use the default mode, which is free, and you still receive high-quality articles that pass most other AI detectors except Originality.AI.

Who Should Use This Feature?

If you need to report to your client, this feature will come in handy (you still need to do editing). For others, just keep using the default optimization, which is more than enough to rank well in Google.

Does this work on other languages?

We haven’t tested on all languages. Please take it as a NO.

Will The Article Fail in Originality.AI Detection Tool Still Be Able To Rank Well In Google?

Yes. Google has made it clear that AI-generated content is an accepted form of online content and does not violate their guidelines as long as the quality remains high. Google evaluates content based on its relevance and usefulness; therefore, it stands to reason that AI-generated content must meet this standard to rank well. Personally, we do have many sites ranking well using high-quality AI-generated content.