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How to Improve Authorship & Expertise Using Agility Writer

Writing well shows you’re an expert. Google likes when authors know their stuff – that makes content trusty. That’s where Agility Writer steps in, with tools like the E-E-A-T Bio Generator to help show off your skills.

Your words can build trust when you know what you’re sharing. Adding an author’s flair and facts about their experience makes readers listen more closely. From picking the right way to introduce yourself in articles, to guiding AI on including your insights – every step matters.

It doesn’t stop there; an EEAT About Page puts a spotlight on why people should pay attention to what you say.

With these tricks up your sleeve, your writing won’t just sound smart—it’ll be full of authority and wisdom that captures readers’ trust. Ready for deeper insights? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Use Agility Writer’s E-E-A-T Bio Generator to create a strong bio that shows your skills and knowledge. This helps make your articles trustworthy.
  • Add the author’s background to your project settings to highlight your expertise in the field. Doing this improves how people see your content.
  • Choose an ‘Authoritative (Authorship)’ introduction style for articles, showing you know what you’re talking about right from the start.
  • Include specific instructions with the Power – Up Guide to add your unique insights into different parts of your article, making it more authentic.
  • Writing a trustworthy About Page using E-E-A-T Bio Generator showcases your authority and skill, telling readers why they should trust you.

Google guidelines about ‘Authorship And Expertise’

Google looks closely at who writes content and how they show their knowledge. They want articles to have clear sources, show the writer’s skills, and give details about the writer or where it comes from.

This makes readers trust what they read. For that, Google checks things like sourcing—this means where the info comes from, like citations or fact-checking. They also look for signs of expertise in the writing.

Plus, knowing about the author matters a lot; this can be through links to an author’s page or a site’s About page.

You can tools like E-E-A-T Bio Generator to share your writers’ backgrounds right in your project settings. This helps because when Google sees that you have backed up your facts with research and show off your writers’ expertise clearly on their own pages, it trusts your content more.

Step by Step to Improve the Article’s Authorship & Expertise

To boost your article’s authorship and expertise, start by creating a background story for the writer. Using an E-E-A-T Bio Generator makes this easy—it crafts a bio that shows off the writer’s skills and knowledge.

Generate an Author Background using E-E-A-T Bio Generator

Creating an author background boosts both your credibility and search engine visibility. The E-E-A-T Bio Generator from Agility Writer Tools makes this simple. Here’s how:

  1. Head over to the Agility Writer, Tools menu. Look for the E-E-A-T Bio Generator menu.
  2. Decide whether you’re crafting an “Author Bio” or a “Company Bio.”
  3. Type in the “website focus” to showcase the author’s expertise—like Pet Care Advice or Reviewing Home Appliances.
  4. Fill in a brand name or Author name, if you have one in mind. Or, leave it blank to get a creative, random name.
  5. Pick the point of view for the bio.
  6. Choose your target audience country. If your audience is global, select none.
  7. Pick the language for your output.
  8. Add any special details you want to include about the author’s background, like their years of experience or specific achievements. If you’re not sure what to add, no worries—the system can craft a skilled background for you.
  9. Sit tight for 1 – 2 minutes while your bio is being created.
  10. Remember, this generation will use 1 AW token.

Add the Author’s Background to the Project Settings

Here’s how:

  1. Start by copying the author’s background you’ve generated. This should showcase their experience and knowledge.
  2. Next, head over to the Project Settings and look for a field named ‘Author Background’.
  3. Paste the author’s background into this field. Be sure it reflects their authority and expertise clearly.
  4. Finally, hit Save to lock in these changes. Your project now carries an extra layer of trustworthiness thanks to this simple but powerful tweak.

By adding this depth to your articles or blog posts, you’re not just filling in details; you’re giving them a significant SEO optimization boost. Search engines love content that comes from recognized experts in the field. 

So, take advantage of this feature for better rankings on Google SERPs and improve user engagement across digital marketing channels – all while ensuring your website stands out as a reliable source of information.

Set the Introduction style to ‘Authoritative (Authorship)’

To show you’re an expert right from the start, choose ‘Authoritative (Authorship)’ for your article’s opening. This method uses the writer’s background to craft a strong and credible beginning.

It proves to readers that what follows is worth their time. After picking this style, just add your details and let the tool do its magic.

Using ‘Authoritative (Authorship)’ as your introduction sets a tone of expertise. You simply select it, fill in your project settings with information about your experience, and submit.

The AI takes over from there, making sure your knowledge shines through from the very first words readers see.

Use the Power-Up Guide to trigger AI to include the author’s expertise in a specific heading

Once you’ve set up the author’s details in your project, it’s simple to make sure this expertise shows up right where you want it. Just tap into the power-up guide. This tool lets you give custom directions.

You need only add a special tag— [Author Background]. Think of it like whispering secrets to the system, telling it exactly how to use what you’ve fed it about the author.

Here’s how easy this can be: Want that expertise front and center under a specific headline? Type out something like, “Strictly include the relevant information from [Author Background] to write the output.” This way, every piece of wisdom from the author’s expertise shines right through in specific sections.

It’s like giving your article an extra punch of credibility – readers can see why they should trust what you’re saying.

Turn on the First-Hand Experience Option

First-hand experience is key in EEAT and SEO. Search engines like Google now rank content higher if it shows real, personal knowledge. When you share your own experiences, your content stands out because it’s more than just basic facts—it’s valuable insights only you can give.

This makes your site more likely to appear at the top in searches, as search engines aim to give users the best and most relevant information.

Agility Writer helps you write articles based on first-hand experience. Just activate the “First-Hand Experience” feature. Our tool will add personal insights to your article, affecting about 30%-40% of it. Use the author background feature for the best impact.

Check out how your content changes with this feature enabled as below.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

Steps to write an EEAT About Page

Creating an About Page can showcase your authority and skill. Agility Writer’s E-E-A-T Bio Generator makes this easy. Let’s dive straight into how:

  1. Go to the Agility Writer, Tools menu. Look for the E-E-A-T Bio Generator section.
  2. Pick “About Page” when you’re asked for the type.
  3. Type in your website’s main theme, like “Pet Care Advice” or “Reviewing Home Appliances,” to show what you know best.
  4. If you have a brand or company name, type it in. It’s okay if you don’t; the tool will invent one for you.
  5. Choose who is telling the story on your page.
  6. Pick where your readers are from, or choose none for readers everywhere.
  7. Choose the language for your page.
  8. You can add more about what you’ve done or let Agility Writer fill in with its ideas of high authorship and expertise.
  9. Give it a minute or two to do its magic.
  10. This task uses up 5 AW tokens.

This process crafts a page that effectively tells visitors why they should listen to you – all without needing to be an expert web developer or writer yourself!


Improving authorship and expertise with Agility Writer makes your articles shine. Follow steps carefully, from generating an E-E-A-T bio to writing an About Page that highlights your skills.

This process boosts trust in your content across Google search pages and beyond. Your work becomes more visible and respected. It’s clear—using these tools not only polishes your online presence but also enhances how others perceive your knowledge and authority.

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