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Our Valued Contributors

At Agility Writer, we know that great ideas come from collaboration. Our AI article writer is the product of not just our hard work but also the invaluable contributions of users like you. We’ve created this page to spotlight the individuals who have shared their insights, feedback, and suggestions, significantly enhancing our AI’s performance.

We deeply appreciate every contributor’s effort to help Agility Writer achieve its full potential. Below, you’ll find the names and contributions of these outstanding supporters.

Featured Contributors *

Tim Parker

  • Contribution: Tim submitted an exhaustive list of prompts targeting the improvement of entity richness and hyponym diversity, markedly advancing our AI’s performance in these areas.
  • Impact: Tim’s input has allowed our AI to identify and incorporate a broader array of unique entities and a more extensive range of hyponyms than the top SERP competitors, thus elevating its SEO optimization capabilities in terms of content depth.

Vlad Ivanov

  • Contribution: As an early user, Vlad helped promote our tools and created valuable tutorial videos for new users.
  • Impact: His work increased our visibility and eased the learning process for newcomers, significantly contributing to our community’s growth.

Claudiu Arpinte

  • His Contribution: Claudiu proposed an expert opinion conclusion format, detailed with a structured layout and a custom outline template.
  • His Impact: Articles can now be enhanced to boost EEAT, particularly in review articles, improving their quality and authority.

Acknowledging Our Community

  • Chad Barnsdale: For rigorous testing and feedback on the AI’s ability to craft helpful content, leading to significant improvements.
  • David Sundmacher: For his exhaustive testing and constructive feedback on content and writing styles tailored for local businesses.
  • Stefan Riske: For his suggestions and feedback aimed at simplifying our UX design.
  • Simon St John: For sharing innovative workflows to craft higher quality articles, helping refine our tool further.
  • Steve Wahl: For his suggestions on premium AI images.
  • Stefan Cristi: For his deep and varied suggestions and testing, which have been crucial in refining our tool.
  • Facebook group members: For their active involvement in offering suggestions and reporting issues, contributing to the stabilization of our tool.

Become a Contributor

Are you interested in shaping the future of AI-driven content creation? We’re always on the lookout for individuals eager to contribute their unique ideas, expertise, or user experiences. Whether you’re an industry expert, an avid writer, or simply fascinated by AI, your contributions are welcome here.

To become part of our community of contributors, please reach out to us at [email protected].

* Please note that the order of contributors listed does not imply a ranking of importance. Each contributor has played a uniquely valuable role, and we consider all equally important to us.