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Best NeuronWriter Workflow To Write SEO-Optimized Articles With 80+ Scores On Scales

Struggling to hit that perfect score for your SEO articles? You’re not alone. Many find it challenging to reach those 80+ scores on NeuronWriter, despite knowing how crucial they are for search engine visibility.

NeuronWriter is a solid choice for SEO content analysis, offering in-depth insights and suggestions. However, the reality bites—creating articles that meet these high standards can be tough and time-consuming.

Enter Agility Writer—the game changer you’ve been waiting for. It simplifies the entire process, making it easy and fast to craft highly optimized articles at scale. This post will guide you through the best workflows to craft content that scores 80+ on scales.

Ready to revolutionize your content creation? Keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • Use NeuronWriter and Agility Writer together to boost your SEO efforts. This combo helps create catchy article titles and recommends the perfect article length right from the start.
  • Set up is easy; just enter your NeuronWriter API key and Project ID into Agility Writer. This connects the two tools, allowing you to use NeuronWriter’s AI recommendations for creating optimized content.
  • Explore different workflows in Agility Writer, like starting with a new query or using an existing one, to write articles that score 80+ on SEO scales. You can also write many articles at once by setting new queries for each topic.

Benefits of Using Agility Writer with Neuron Writer

Merging Agility Writer with Neuron Writer steps up your SEO game. Imagine not having to copy and paste recommendations from one platform to another. This blend auto-generates optimized article titles and figures out the best length for your articles, using advice straight from NeuronWriter.

It’s a smart move that helps you create high-ranking content faster.

This integration also lets users easily generate many optimized articles without breaking a sweat.  

Setting up the NeuronWriter API Access in Agility Writer

To start using NeuronWriter with Agility Writer, you need to set up API access. This step is key for syncing both tools and kicking off your content optimization journey.

How to Set the API Key

First, you need to have a gold membership in NeuronWriter. This allows API access, which is key for unlocking advanced SEO optimization features. 

Go to the NeuronWriter website and log into your account. Find ‘My Profile’ at There, look for the “Neuron API access” tab. You should see the Neuron API Key. Make sure to copy it carefully. 

Next, head over to Agility Writer. Dive into the project settings until you find the section labeled ‘NeuronWriter API’. Paste your copied API Key here.

Next, you also need to set the Project ID..

How to Set the Project ID

To set your Project ID in Agility Writer, first head to your project’s home on NeuronWriter. Look at the URL; you’ll see a unique code. This code is your Project ID. For instance, if the URL reads, “f95c8c35dd7bec35” is what you need.

Next, take this code and enter it into the project settings section, Project ID field of Agility Writer. This step connects both platforms, letting you access all the recommendations from NeuronWriter.

Exploring Different Types of NeuronWriter Writing Workflows

Agility Writer offers various writing NeuroWriter workflows to fit your SEO needs. From starting fresh with a new query to using existing query, these methods make your content’s generation easy and fast.

Creating an Article with a New Query in NeuronWriter

First, check that your API key and project ID are set within a project. This lets you start a new query in the right project. The system will only display the NeuronWriter optimization panel if there are API key and project IDAuto-Optimized configured within the project.

Next, type in your keywords, pick the language and region, and hit “Create.” Wait for about 2-3 minutes.

After it’s done, NeuronWriter gives you all you need: a title idea, keywords to use, and the Query ID. Next step? Click on “Create Outline.” Look over this outline carefully. Make any changes you want and send it off to be written up.

Crafting an Article Using an Existing Query in NeuronWriter

First, check that your API key and project ID are ready. Then, find the query ID from your existing query in NeuronWriter.

It’s a string of characters in the URL; for instance, “8e2e5f857eb2661e” is one example from the URL:

With this ID in hand, hit the Get Recommendations button on Agility Writer. This action pulls up all vital details like keywords and title suggestions tied to your query.

After getting recommendations, move on to creating your outline. Adjust settings as needed before you add it to the writing queue. 

This streamlined workflow ensures high SEO content scores by tapping into NLP and SERP analysis already done for that query. Plus, it saves time by leveraging work you’ve already completed—making it a savvy choice for producing competitive SEO articles fast.

Writing Bulk SEO-Optimized Articles

Writing many SEO-optimized articles fast is easy with Agility Writer. First, set up the API Key in Agility Writer so that we can make a new query with your keywords. Then, we get ideas for titles, headings, and important terms to include in your article.

This method helps you quickly create content that hits high scores on NeuronWriter. Agility Writer will give you everything needed for an article: title, entities, keywords, and factual data. Follow the steps, and each article will be the right length with a score between 70-80+.

Important Notes: This integration has been developed using the Alpha version of NeuronWriter’s API, which currently offers only a basic set of features. We plan to enhance the user experience as NeuronWriter releases additional APIs.


Exploring NeuronWriter workflows opens up a world of SEO success. Using Agility Writer with NeuronWriter simplifies this journey, making high-ranking content achievable. By setting up API access and diving into various writing workflows, you create articles that stand out.

The power to craft SEO-optimized content with scores above 80 is in your hands. Get started with Agility Writer today and see the difference for yourself!


1. What is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an AI-powered tool that helps content creators write SEO-optimized articles. It offers semantic recommendations, keyword analysis, and a user-friendly interface for better search engine rankings.

2. How does Agility Writer improve my NeuronWriter content score?

Agility Writer use NeuronWriter semantic recommendations and focus on keyword analysis to create content that scores above 80, and aligns with what people are searching for in Google SERPs. 

3. Does NeuronWriter offer any deals?

Yes, there’s a lifetime deal available for NeuronWriter. This means you can access its features forever with just one payment.

4. Can I use NeuronWriter directly in Google Docs?

Absolutely! With the Chrome extension, you can bring NeuronWriter’s capabilities into Google Docs for seamless writing and optimization.

5. How does AI technology improve my articles?

AI technology from tools like ChatGPT analyzes vast amounts of information to provide suggestions that make your articles more readable, engaging, and optimized for search engines like Google.

6. Is collaboration possible in NeuronWriter?

Yes! The platform supports team collaboration allowing multiple users to work together efficiently—perfect for digital marketing teams looking to boost their content strategy.


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